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Power supply

Power supply

The need for new clean energy is increasing every day when phasing out non-renewable sources. Wind power has been globally the most rapidly growing form of energy production for a couple of decades already. The growth is expected to continue in the coming years, especially in the Nordic Countries.

In Finland 47% of the energy is produced from renewables. Hydropower and biomass are the largest sources of renewable energy with 19 percent each. Wind power account for 9 percent. The Finnish government has set a target of increasing the use of renewable energy. Finland is expected to become one of the fastest growing markets for onshore wind power in Northern Europe.

Sweden aims to discontinue the use of non-renewable energy entirely by 2040. Hydropower currently accounts for 47 percent of Swedish electricity production, nuclear power 35 percent, wind power 10 percent, biomass 6 percent and waste 2 percent.

In Norway 94% of the energy is produced from hydropower, 4 percent from wind power and only 2 percent from other energy sources. In addition to hydropower, increasing wind power capacity has been a topic of discussion in Norway in recent times. A total of 13 areas around the country have been identified as potential sites for wind power construction.

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