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Greenhouse and fish farming
Interest in domestically grown food is growing rapidly. Not only greenhouses, but also fish farms of various kinds are increasing in the Nordic countries. Most common is the cultivation of salmon, which is a major export commodity in Norway. In Sweden there are several examples of when these are combined in such a way that water from the fish farm is infiltrated into the plant bed as fertilizer and at the same time the water is purified and returned to the fish farm. In this way, a cycle with minimal emissions and evidently very few diseases on both fish and crops is obtained. YIT has contact with several municipalities and is working together with a research group in Luleå that specifically investigates how the excess heat from data centers can best be reused in greenhouses and possibly fish farms or a combination of these. The concept matches well with YIT’s environmental sustainability targets and circular economy focus. Together with a data center client we can take this concept to the next level and make sure that excessive heat from data centers can be taken care of even if it is located far away from a district heating system.


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